Getting Design Right: A Systems Approach

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Jim Wynne
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Learn the Systems Approach to Design Today!

Instructors: Jim Spaulding, Ed. D & John Juzbasich, D.Ed. ABD, MLD, PMP

In this course, we emphasize that the product concept you started with may not be the best design idea to meet all of the requirements that you have identified. During this step of Getting Design Right, the focus is on exploring the design space to discover other concepts and on optimizing the design.

This course presents techniques such as brainstorming to systematically explore the range of design possibilities. It then details how to generate several workable integrated concepts, and concludes with a comparative approach to select the best overall concept.

The first two courses in this series used the example of a toy catapult to illustrate the steps in the design process. This course extends the example of the toy catapult to illustrate the steps involved in exploring and optimizing the product's design: clarifying requirements, analyzing functionality, generating a collection of creative product ideas, refining those ideas to create new solutions, and ultimately selecting the best idea for production.

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